Rash Celebrities

Celebrities, of the political and movie varieties, always have security protection due to their popularity (or the lack of it), and this is common across various countries. One reason is that a celebrity does not wish to be harassed by fans, stalked by aggressive admirers, or kidnapped for a ransom.

The protection by special security guards who throw their weight around the celebrity and are often seen to be unnecessarily aggressive in their fan-control efforts, is an inevitable necessity in today’s world. And, it is easy to accept the same, given that it is the fans who want to shake the hands of the celebrities in the first place, and so they should be prepared for some hardship.

While all this is fine, what is not fine is the apparent lack of sensitivity of the celebrities when they invade what is essentially a private space shared jointly by many private citizens. Or, when the celebrity rides roughshod over hapless citizens who are sleeping on city pavements because the government had not found it fit to provide them a shelter. Or, when the celebrity goes and shoots an endangered animal in a protected reserve forest.

The first instance is what happened in a five-star hotel in Mumbai couple of days ago when a famous movie star apparently hit another diner at a restaurant. It may or may not be true, and the matter will soon be heard in a court of law. But the point is that when a celebrity is entering what is a rather private space (actually a public restaurant accessible to any public member of the society willing to pay), he or she should exercise extreme caution to avoid unwanted attraction. Avoid making unnecessary noise which disturbs the other diners, who are also paying to eat by choice at the restaurant. It is very important not to be seen as a rash actor, throwing his or her weight as a celebrity, and challenging everyone around.

The hotel staff or the restaurant staff would usually be mute spectators of any conflict or even violence, as they are always worried about future business and the reputation of the place. That should bot be the case, but it is what it is…..everyone is commercially minded at the end of the day.

So, celebrities should exercise caution and avoid public brawls at the minimum. They should just have a quiet dinner just like everyone else at the restaurant. Have you ever seen a jumpy character who is shouting at the peak of his voice at a five star restaurant, and trying to stand up on his chair ? Never. Culture comes from the manner in which we conduct ourselves in public, and being a celebrity is no excuse for bad behaviour.

Well, that is how it is here in India, and I would not be surprised if the concerned actor goes scot-free at the end of this reported conflict. But hopefully, the truth will come out, and that is critical for everyone else. It is very important to be impartial and ensure the proper application of law and order in all such instances. There should be no favouritism at all.

Well, time will tell. In the meantime, let us watch more of the celebrity actions in the coming days,


Vijay Srinivasan
25th February 2012


5 thoughts on “Rash Celebrities

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