Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc

Sometime ago, I have written about the Two Oceans Shiraz.

Now, I had the opportunity of enjoying the Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc 2011 from South Africa, which I bought at the Mumbai International Airport DFS (Duty Free Shop), when I returned last week from an overseas trip.

This is a crisp fresh wine which is delectable to say the least. I just enjoyed this wine without any accompaniments, and I recommend it that way. It is a great aperitif and nice to drink appropriately chilled.

I always wonder why Indian whites cannot be like such beautifully crafted wines from countries like South Africa, and Australia/NZ…….and why would such poor Indian whites cost more than these wines from abroad which are much more charming, elegant and fresh all the way ?!

Coming back to Two Oceans, I could detect the gooseberry flavours and clearly the “grassiness” which lingered as a distinct aftertaste. In this specific aspect, this wine is different from the recent whites I have had. It has a pleasant sensation and gives a good feel. While it did not have the sophistication of the Jacobs Creek whites, it does have a unique tilt which identifies itself as rather a wine with its own unique character, determined to make an impact. And, it did !

My recommendation – get this wine and enjoy it on its own but remember to keep it chilled at 12 degrees Celsius in the wine cooler. You will enjoy it !

Hope to get more bottles at USD 11 apiece soon !!


Vijay Srinivasan
10th March 2012


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