Phoenix Market City in Mumbai

Amazing !

Yes, it is probably the biggest such retail development in the country.

The Phoenix Market City in Kurla West region of Mumbai is a huge mall, which we (family and me) visited today (Saturday). I could not believe my eyes !

Such a huge mall in the middle of the greater city of Mumbai, very close to the financial centre at BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex). How come this came up almost unannounced ?

Please see “Phoenix Market City”

Simply outstanding in terms of construction and space. For example, the parking space was so huge I could not believe I was in India. Similarly, the atrium concept was new and constructed in a huge manner – so big, that there was hardly any crowd to be seen !
We went in around 4:30 PM on a Saturday evening, and my guess is that the number of visitors inside the huge mall was a miniscule portion of what would have been expected on a weekend day.

I think the place would become very popular in the coming weeks and months, and it would easily attract some 50,000 visitors over the weekends…….it is going to be a great place. Apart from the regular brands one gets to see in upmarket malls, this mall also had some unusual brands represented in its vast expanse of space.

We walked around quite a bit and we were impressed. The “Crocs” shop for advanced footwear was impressive, but the prices were not. We were looking for anti-slip footwear, and the cost was upwards of USD 50, which I think is unaffordable for most people in India, even for the affluent. We saw some pretty good anti-slip footwear next door at the friendly Bata showroom and so picked up the necessary footwear at prices of some USD 8 and USD 5 for couple of pairs for my wife and son.

Yes, the Indian shopping crowd today is enamoured of high-end brands, but it will soon enough discover that the prices are way too high for its satisfaction.

I am recommending that you visit Phoenix Market City in the near future to get impressed. It is a great place to visit. Shops are still getting built, but the place is ready for action and ready for visitors. They have to simply make some attractive shows to draw the young and the mighty to spend at the mall.


Vijay Srinivasan
17th March 2012


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