Di Bella Coffee in India

I had an outstanding coffee experience today at Mumbai.

Never heard of Di Bella Coffee, and I raised a questioning look at my wife. I would have preferred Costa Coffee any day, I thought.

But my wife said, why not try the new sounding coffee for a change ?

So, we went and ordered Capuccino and chocolate muffin + bruschetta.

It was simply great – I mean the coffee. The coffee cup had a slitted edge wherein some chocolate syrup was kept and if you so wish, you could scoop some of that along with your coffee. A unique design, I thought.

I was impressed with the quality and taste of the coffee, so I asked the coffee maker at the counter about where else in Mumbai I can get their coffee. That is unusual, coming from me. I rarely go out for coffee, and so far, my favourites have been Cafe Coffee Day and Gloria Jeans. But now it appears that there is a new kid on the block from Australia.

I like the ambience of Di Bella Coffee shop located at the food court area of the 2nd floor at Phoenix Market City. Calm and peaceful, with hardly any disturbance as compared to the Costa Coffee outlet around the same place, it attracted me. My family liked the place and we ended up ordering what I have mentioned earlier in this post. The chocolate cake and the capuccino (especially) are unbeatable, but the bruschetta was not so great.

I am going to look for these guys again soon. I liked their unique coffee, and so would any coffee connoisseur. The prices are OK, at around INR 95 (USD 2) per cup of capuccino, not very different from Gloria Jeans.

Try them !


Vijay Srinivasan
17th March 2012


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