I had dinner with family this evening at Grillopolis, a classy Mediterranean restaurant located not far from the Infiniti Mall in Andheri West suburb of Mumbai.

Don’t miss this place ! We were a bit early, around 7:45 PM, so we received special attention, I guess. In any case, the service was good.

The starters (10 different varieties, which you could repeat if you wish !) were mouth-watering. The unfortunate part of the starters business was that we all got so full, there was not much space left for the main course !

The salad area was not well addressed in the buffet dinner, but the main course items were all very good. The food comprised of Indian, Mediterranean, Spanish and Lebanese items, and the availability of Indian food was a surprise, I was not expecting the same. You could even get naan and dal makhni should you choose to go that way.

But the main focus of the food preparation was Mediterranean and that was quite evident from the choices available. The family enjoyed the food.

Desserts are not a strength at this restaurant, though one gets to taste the Balaklava, rice pudding, et al. But just OK, not really amazing like what you get to see in Dubai at dinner time.

Overall, I would give an 8 / 10 for this very good restaurant. When we came in, there was just one other table occupied, and within 45 minutes of our arrival, almost all the tables were taken up, showing their increasing popularity.

I only hope that they are able to keep up the quality, enhance the varieties, improve the salad and the desserts areas, and ensure that good service is always delivered to their patrons.

A tall order, for sure, but an important and critical one at that, right ?


Vijay Srinivasan
14th April 2012


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