Pebbles is a seafood restaurant in Andheri West suburb of Mumbai.

I had the pleasure of having a dinner at this fine dining restaurant recently.

For any connoisseur of seafood, this is an excellent place to go to. The only downside is that the pricing is some 50% more than the usual seafood places, but then this is more of a corporate kind of restaurant with very good ambience and attentive waiters, who keep their smile all the time !

The unique ordering mechanism (which is fast becoming standard at many fine dining restaurants in India) is via Apple iPAD with a customized software which allows you to run through the entire restaurant menu, view the items, take a look at the prices, and then place your order. Young or old, man or woman, all the diners are handed the iPAD and then asked to place their order.

While the idea is cool, it does not in any way replace the intricate details / data that can only be provided by a waiter. Of course, he is always on hand at this restaurant and will come to your side quickly should there be a problem (technical or otherwise) or a clarification has to be obtained. For example, you would ask for the spicy side-dish to be prepared in a medium spicy manner – while that can be asked of a waiter, the iPAD software does not have that kind of flexibility. You might want your soft drink in ambient temperature rather than in the usual ice-cold condition, or you might want ice cubes in which you would pour your coke from a room temperature can, etc., etc., The software would not provide for those kind of options.

I browsed through the iPAD software and in a few minutes returned the same to the waiter with a smile – he understood because he was rather smart. The implication is that I like to order in the usual “in-touch” manner, or I would ask others in the table to add on my order. In the situation in which I was dining in, it was easy for me to share the common items being ordered so there was absolutely no issue at all. I specifically wanted one chilli fish basil dish and that I got by talking to the waiter with no reduction in its chilliness !

Overall, Pebbles is a very nice restaurant with courteous service and some excellent seafood. I suggest the full Basa fish which is served in fillets – absolutely delicious.

Apart from the price issue, the other problem is the exorbitant price of liquor – there is no question of ordering some good wine – the prices were mindboggling.

May be the good idea would be to focus on some soup and starters, and the main course. Drop the rest !

Highly recommended (at least for once !).


Vijay Srinivasan
22nd April 2012


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