The Holdings from Mendoza

The Mendoza Province of Argentina is its most important wine producing region, and the most well-known grape variety from Argentina is the Malbec.

Malbec grapes produce an intense violet wine, with plum flavours and dark tannins. Malbec is a complex wine output and is often used to produce blends.

The Wine Society of India recommended “The Holdings” wine from the Familia Zuccardi winery of the Mendoza region recently, and I had the opportunity to get a bottle. “The Holdings” is a Syrah-Malbec blend and is an excellent wine that I would suggest to wine connoisseurs. According to the Zuccardi winery, “The Holdings” is “an attractive mid-ruby red with good intensity on the nose and palate………the Syrah and the Malbec combine to create a delicious, complex and elegant wine”.

Since I am not that familiar with the Malbec wines, the best I could do was to simply enjoy the wine rather than trying to be analytical about the process of how the grapes have contributed to a very good wine output. I am sure I would try out more of the Argentinian Mendoza wines in due course of time.

I have enjoyed Chilean wines in the past – some of them are truly outstanding. So, I am not surprised that Chile’s neighbour produces similar high quality wines though Argentina is separated by the Andes mountain range.

I would suggest that you keep this wine at 15 deg C in a wine cooler, and when you are ready to drink it, use a decanter to pour out the wine – it should breathe for atleast 30 minutes and then you would see the impact of the full flavour of the wine. Being a rather complex blend of two very good grape varieties, it does take some time for the wine to make a big impact !

“The Holdings” is a truly enjoyable wine and goes well with any kind of Western food in my opinion. The issue as always in India is the availability of such less well-known wines. These wines are not known and not easily available, and tend to be pricey because of the customs duty and tax structure. May be Latin American countries should join the European Union countries and pressure India into removing the customs duties or atleast reduce the same significantly.

Enjoy the wine !


Vijay Srinivasan

6th May 2012





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