The Complexity of Stress

I learnt something over the past few days of exercise regime.

That, it is possible really to take the weight off your legs while walking briskly and rapidly, either on a treadmill or around the condominium grounds.

I used to feel a bit of stiffness in my calf muscles occasionally during my daily exercise regimen, especially when I was trying to strain a bit to the maximum limit. And that would convert to some sort of pain for quite a while, before the muscles start to relax. I used to apply a muscle pain reliever at the calf muscles to reduce the pain.

But, now I have learnt a new technique of lifting the entire thought of working out on the treadmill and throw it out of my mind. My legs, which used to fell sometimes heavy, are now getting trained to feel light – like “floating” in the air while walking fast. Sometimes, I do slip back to reality (!) and things are back to the old time walk, but increasingly and sustainably, I am able to walk without feeling the strain.

For example, yesterday morning I started my walk and instead of the usual 6 rounds (approximately 2.5 KMs) of walking, I was able to not only walk 8 rounds (3.3 KMs in some 35 minutes) but was not feeling any strain or stress in my legs. Similarly on the treadmill, I was able to do a straight 3.3 KMs in 33 minutes, without feeling stressed out and then follow through with a set of weightlifting exercises.

The trick is to train the mind. You should not feel the stress or the pain, and it would be difficult unless you think about the exercise regime carefully and make it simplistic in your own mind. It actually is, if you think about it – why tell the brain unnecessary things which induce stress of some kind or the other ? Let it think that you are embarking on a pleasurable experience which stimulates your body and mind, let it look forward to such an experience at pre-specified intervals, say exactly every 24 hours.

This is entirely possible. I now look forward to my early morning walk around or visit to the gym (may be in the evenings). The only thing you need to worry about is the consistency – do not impose a blame on your work or family commitments. You need to “indulge” yourself in your exercise methodology and performance – it is not a chore, but something from which you would ultimately benefit. It is a long term commitment to yourself.

So, make your mind light, make your body light, and then you will see the stress goes away and you will be able to work out as long as you really wish to. I have tried this and it works.


Vijay Srinivasan

13th May 2012



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