Marco De Pegoes 2009

Yet another good wine. This time from Portugal !

This red wine is a mixture of a special Portuguese grape variety called “Castelao”, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. It has an amazing texture and a smooth finish that has not been seen in any Indian red wine.

I could get the aroma of berries and some kind of spices. The wine drinks well, very smooth in the mouth. The longish and soft silky finish leaves an excellent and enjoyable after-taste, which I liked very much. Many a time, we quickly drink the wine, briefly enjoying while drinking and then forget the wine with some quick munchies. Not to be done with this kind of wine, the after-taste needs to be relished on its own.

Smooth wines like the Marco De Pegoes are great for a weekend evening when you have some guests and wish to ensure that the red wines that you select are good enough for everyone interested in drinking red wine. There can be no complaints on this wine, and it is very important to positively influence your guests when wine is involved. Since wine is a complex choice for most folks, a good recommendation is critical to ensure enjoyment of the same.

Knowledge of the wine is lacking in general, so it is important to be able to articulate the particular type of wine chosen for the evening. A brief lecture would be in order, so that people appreciate the wine that they are drinking.

I am engaged in this discovery of great wines, and amazed at what is yet to be learnt about wines and viticulture.

Try getting this wine and you will see that it is really a wine that delivers what it commits ! And it comes from an agricultural cooperative in Portugal !!


Vijay Srinivasan

19th May 2012




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