The Adjustment Bureau

Nice movie which depicts the control of fate by unknown, but not unseen, forces which conspire to ensure that peoples’ lives follow the originally prescribed script. Unbelievable, of course, but not unimaginable. Not all movies have to reflect reality of life, right ?

With a good cast of actors, the movie becomes enjoyable, though the viewers have to find answers to the same questions that the lead actor, Matt Damon, is grappling with. Sometimes, such movies are fun, because it is simply not following the average movie script. One gets to expect the unexpected to happen.

It is not difficult to conclude that Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are eventually going to connect and stay together. But the chase towards that objective, which gets repeatedly damaged by the unknown forces from The Adjustment Bureau, is a good one to see on the movie screen. Everyone knows and understands that it is hogwash though, but then aren’t movies also supposed to provide the pleasure of escapism sometimes ?

The initial quick capitulation of Matt Damon in front of Richardson under threat of “reprogramming” his brain was not what I had expected – I thought Damon will give it a run for the money, like in Bourne Identity – but this was not a spy thriller. He continues with his usual life, though he has reservations about the manner in which his partner in the company Charlie Traynor had been compromised by The Adjustment Bureau folks. Eventually, he connects with Emily and then the chase begins in earnest.

The concept of folks who could reprogram one’s brain if he does not stick to the plan is unique in a non-robot driven movie. It is fun to watch the stern demeanour of the adjustment folks who try to control Damon.

Overall, this is not a bad movie to watch, though the ratings have not been great. But then, one sees the ratings later on after watching the movie (in my case), rather than watch movies based on critics’ ratings. First, I may not agree with the average weighted score, and secondly, I do not wish to miss good movies based on ratings of others. I have to, however, disclose here that I do not choose the movies which come inside my house from DVD rental company – that’s the sole prerogative of my kids and they seem to be doing a pretty good job of movie selection !


Vijay Srinivasan

10th June 2012



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