Gymmatics Update

I used to keep track of my gym-related activities on a regular basis.

More than the objective of getting fitter, I am now looking forward to the gym every morning – in fact, if I miss it for a day, I feel listless. When I am travelling, it has been difficult to go to a gym, so I do the Surya Namaskar (Sun Worship) portion of Yoga – some 15 times, and some stretching exercises. But this does not always fulfill my need for solitude and peace that I usually get on the treadmill.

I spend 42 minutes on the treadmill during weekdays and 52 minutes during the weekends. This is followed by some 15 minutes of weightlifting, not enough in my opinion. My wife says I need to spend more time on aerobic activities. So, I am looking into that aspect.

My weightlifting is limited to 6 exercises that I do with moderate weights, which includes couple of machine activities. The other exercises are related to lifting of 10, 12.5 and 17.5 KGs weights.

Let me cover the treadmill exercise, which has kind of fallen into a set practice with distinct numbers which get repeated every day. During a weekday, I do 42 minutes on the treadmill, expending some 220 calories over a distance of 4.26 KMs. This works out to walking 21.3 KMs expending some 1,100 calories over the 5-day week.

Over the weekend, however, I spend an additional 10 minutes on the treadmill. So, the numbers are as follows: 5.34 KMs expending 270 calories. So over the 2-day weekend, this translates to walking 10.6 KMs and expending 540 calories.

So, if am in Mumbai all week, the statistics appears as follows: 31.9 KMs and 1,640 calories for the entire week of 7 days.

What is the point in making this computation ? Not much, I guess, especially after I just read somewhere that even 2.5 minutes of brisk walking is good enough for the heart !

But as I said at the start of this blog post, I am not walking only with the aim of keeping fit. It has become a habit which I would not forego for anything. It keeps me concentrated with intense focus on what I am doing, lightened up only by the “Comedy Central” TV Channel. In fact, my son says that I like to be on the treadmill for a longer time so that I can enjoy uninterrupted TV viewing, which I don’t get at home !!

May be partially true, but the fact is that I like to focus intensely on some activity at the very start of the day which refreshes me and makes me feel good for the rest of the day. I do not run on the treadmill, but walk quite fast. I am hoping that my knees are doing well !

And the interesting fact is that I open the gym every day early morning, with no followers for quite some time. The gym instructor who comes early in the morning is now slightly accelerating his arrival to catch up with me so that he does not keep me waiting for the door to be opened !!

I would recommend that gym activities should be personalized to also produce a level of focus and commitment (like in business) that would help out in the long term.


Vijay Srinivasan
9th September 2012


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