I saw the latest Bond movie “Skyfall” today.

Overall it was a decent movie, but I don’t think it deserves the big accolades being showered on it for being the best and most innovative Bond movie ever.

In fact, the movie goes so slow at some parts that I felt rather sleepy, which is a first for a Bond movie that I have seen. This means it was boring and long-winded and challenges the viewers to figure out what was going on in the movie for themselves. In my view, the movie was disjointed at several places – not an editor’s fault though. It was a deliberate ploy by the director to bring some heaviness into the movie, making sure that Bond appears to be a loser, having previously lost a battle on top of a train.

I think this movie shows the human and weak sides of Bond as well as “M”. As a long time Bond movie lover, I don’t like that – I always knew that Bond movies are of the escapist variety. They are there purely for driving the adrenalin levels through you when you watch them, with rapid fire action and some subtle humour. When the director decides to change the Bond movie philosophy, he is obviously taking a big risk of alienating most loyalists.

However, Sam Mendes, the director has taken some bold bets in Skyfall. I am not sure I like those bets, but I remain a Bond loyalist for some escapist pleasure. Skyfall has some tense moments, some well shot fast-action sequences (like in all Bond movies), but it has its weak moments as well.

Apparently, my family liked the movie……and also all of my son’s friends who happened to come for the movie show. So, the initial action sequence and then the one chasing the bad guy seem to have captured the fascination of folks. However, I believe that Bond and “M” cannot afford to be emotional and human. And, part of the mystique of Bond is that nutty grin on his face when he arrives at M’s office which is missing in this movie. Bond appears to be frail and fragile in this movie against his determined opponent, who, unfortunately happens to be an erstwhile agent like 007. Not really one of those bad guys out there trying to blow up the world.

Worth seeing because it belongs to the Bond series, but definitely not the best Bond movie ever !


Vijay Srinivasan
10th November 2012


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