Yet Another Gymmatics Update

I heard through my daughter that it is not OK to train in the gym everyday of the week – it is better to give a day off according to the advice given by her trainer.

I did not understand why – I still think that advice is meant for muscle builders, not the cardio trainers like me. The body has to rest for some time, but I thought it gets rest for 24 hours anyway before one hits the gym again !

Nevertheless, I am trying to give a day off in the weekly schedule, though I don’t feel good about it.

An hour of concentrated exercise – be it the gym or yogo – keeps one going forward in executing the day’s chores without much of a strain. So, from that perspective, the gym activity becomes an essential one for me.

The trainer also told my daughter that “your dad spends more time on the treadmill than on weight-training – ask him to spend some more time on weight-training”. I don’t know why he did not talk to me directly !

I typically do 85:15 between cardio and weights. May be I should improve that to 75:25.

My weekend treadmill run has now the following parameters (per day):
Total time taken: 53 minutes and 40 seconds [this peculiar figure is because of the way the treadmill operates with a 20-minute limit]
Distance covered: 5.44 KMs
Calories expended: 285

The above figures during a typical weekday are as follows:
Total time taken: 42 minutes and 20 seconds
Distance covered: 4.34 KMs
Calories expended: 222

So, a typical week sees me doing 32.58 KMs. Now I am trying to give a day off on this…….

What I can say for sure is that this schedule keeps me upright and ticking all through the day. While the pace of such a schedule may not be required, and is not suggested to all of course, some moderate walking every day will do a lot of good – we keep seeing evidence of the same in many newspaper articles.

Hit the gym or do yoga – but do this regularly. There should not be a lackadaisical approach in executing this very important activity every day.


Vijay Srinivasan
18th November 2012


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