Amazing On-Line Buying Experience

So far, I have used only a few sites which are trusted and reliable for the purpose of on-line purchases of some goods that I know well enough not to really try out in the first place. For example, I have used Flipkart and Infibeam for purchases of books and personal accessories, and MakeMyTrip & Yatra for travel bookings.

But I landed into a rather unusual situation last week.

I wanted to buy a Puma running shoe – I was sure what model et al… I made the trip through the blinding traffic to a large mall which has a Puma store. The store had some twenty men’s shoes on display but not the one I wanted – I was a bit disappointed. I asked the store why they did not have it when their own Puma online shop has the shoe available – but as is usual in India, there was no proper response. I doubt whether the store folks even knew about their own online store.

So, I came home and started serious web search as I needed the shoes urgently. But whatever I did, I was not sure whether the shoe size would be correct for me as I was trying out Puma for the first time (how I decided on Puma is a separate story !). My wife warned me against ordering shoes online – it was OK to order books and the like, but not stuff like shoes…..

But I pushed hard and discovered an online store called

When I looked at their shoe store, I was intrigued by the “TrynBuy” option. I just clicked on it and found that I could order multiple pairs of shoes and get these delivered at my doorstep – then I can try out all of these shoes and select the one that best fits me or the one which I like the most. I could even reject all the pairs. The terms of payment ? COD or Cash on Delivery, so no credit card !

I wanted to be absolutely sure and so called up Yebhi. They explained their system of ordering and the process involved in delivering and product returns, etc.,

So, I ordered two pairs of Puma shoes !

When the Yebhi “Champion” (that is what they call their delivery person) arrived at my doorstep with the two pairs of shoes in less than 48 hours, I was happy – and happier when one of the pairs fit me well. I returned the other and just paid cash against the invoice for one pair. It all worked out neatly and without the hassle of going around looking for the shoes anymore.

I would say such marketing innovations are critical for success in the sophisticated online sales space for consumer goods. None of the other portals had this “TrynBuy” option, so it was a unique differentiator for Yebhi. Now, I would tend to first check Yebhi whenever I shop online for sure !

Whether they have the “TrynBuy” option or not !


Vijay Srinivasan
24th November 2012


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