Not to be Trusted

The Indian Government took all the nonsense of Pakistan’s arguments against the official involvement of their spy agency and military in the 26/11 carnage in Mumbai. Despite all the proof, Pakistan still resists in extending full and unfettered cooperation.

Now, another example has come up: despite all their protestations to the contrary, 13 Indians are still being held in Pakistan jails – and look at this: they are Prisoners of War from the 1971 Indo-Pak war, which Pakistan lost so handsomely if you would recall, leading to the formation of Bangladesh from the erstwhile East Pakistan. Even after their prison terms were long over, the Indians are being held in Karachi’s jails.

What does this discovery shows ?

That we are stupid to believe our neighbours on their claims of innocence, on their protests that they are never involved officially in terror plots against India, that they are truly committed to developing a cordial relationship with India. That we are ignorant of their aims to eventually separate Kashmir from India. That they would attack us one day with their nuclear-armed missiles. That they would continue to taunt us in international forums on the Kashmir issue. That they would collaborate more with China to strangle India.

That they can never be fully trusted.


Unless and until, they have a fully democratic government, not controlled by their military.

Which is definitely not the case.

Are they ever going to realize that India is too big and actually stronger than ever to fight two wars at the same time ? If not today, in a couple of years time, India would mount an impenetrable shield to protect our borders from missile attacks. India would have a much stronger collaboration with the U.S. and Israel to counter Pakistan’s insidious aims to destroy our peace.

Instead of formulating an overarching strategy to counter Pakistan, we seem to be entertaining Mr Musharraf in Delhi, who goes up on stage and accuses India. This is nothing short of ridiculous. Freedom of speech has certain responsibilities and limits. Mr Musharraf is singularly responsible for the 1999 Kargil War in which India lost many soldiers and a good deal of self-respect. He is a persona non grata in his own country – Pakistan !

While olive branches are good as a show case of peace efforts on both sides – especially on the business side – we have to be very cautious about the nefarious intent of the military and spy agency of Pakistan who celebrated the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, which exposed India’s weaknesses. We can never forget the loss of 166 innocent lives. We can never forgive Pakistan for its intransigence in cooperating with India.

Let us not trust blindingly. Even our culture does not condone it. The nation’s security cannot take second place to our need to shake hands.


Vijay Srinivasan
25th November 2012


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