Rapscallion and Arroyo

I enjoyed some excellent seafood at the Rapscallion Seafood House and some fantastic, authentic Mexican food at the Arroyo Mexican Grill – both at Reno.

While I am not a food writer, I can comment on the ambience and generally the quality of the service in general.

The Rapscallion Seafood House is a fabulous seafood place, having been around for more than 3 decades……probably the most well-known seafood place in all of Northern Nevada. Great ambience, excellent service and some great wine selection distinguish the place.

I had the New England Clam Chowder Soup (on the recommendation of my Venezuelan friend from Mexico City), and the Alaskan halibut – both were amazingly delicious. I forgot to make note of the wine variety they served, but again it was a great Cabernet Sauvignon (probably Californian). I also took note of the fact that almost everyone around was enjoying the food greatly.

What struck me most was the classy ambience of the place and the outstanding service level. I guess the most important thing in a high-end restaurant is service and the need for the waiters to watch out for the needs of the diners and instantaneously appear nearby to take care of that need. Food only comes next, though it cannot be compromised.

No compromise was necessary at the Rapscallion as the food was equally good.

The other place which blew my mind was the Arroyo Mexican Grill. I had been telling my friends that I would really love to have a 5X food – really spicy to the maximum, and one of them found this place through an internet search. We were a bit worried when we arrived at the restaurant in downtown Reno on a Saturday evening – there was no sign of people and no activity. In that respect, Reno differs from most large American cities. It is a quiet place.

When we walked into the restaurant, there were just about couple of diners in a large-format place, and we were a bit worried. But then we got around to tasting the nacho chips with some outstanding sauces and dips that they had, and our doubts started to slowly vanish. We had a most spicy dip (don’t remember the name), which bombed all of us. Complete knockout was possible with that one.

I ordered the Molcajete with chicken and added further spice to it to make it even hotter. It was a blow-out concoction of a fabulous Mexican chef, punchy, extremely spicy (meeting my specification of 5X) and almost managed to knock me off. I truly relished this dish (being the first time I have ever had Molcajete). Actually, Molcajete is a Mexican version of the mortar and pestle tool – a stone device used to crush and ground spices. It is used to serve dishes in restaurants and the dish itself came to be known as Molcajete. The food stays hot for a long time in this stone utensil.

Overall, both restaurants are great places to host folks and enjoy food while enjoying the companionship of friends. Strongly recommended !

Best Regards

Vijay Srinivasan
8th December 2012


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