Bangkok Cuisine and Cafe de Thai

Some more restaurant coverage………

I had the opportunity to go and have dinner at two amazing Thai restaurants in Reno this past week.

They are two very different restaurants in every way possible – Bangkok Cuisine Restaurant appeared a bit more casual, with a relaxed ambience. The food was delicious and I would say somewhat better than the other restaurant. We had a great time at the Bangkok Cuisine, where a bit of noise was tolerated ! The papaya salad was excellent. When we told the taxi driver to take us to this place, probably he was confused about the two different locations in which this restaurant operates in Reno. He took us to the distant one (I think it was South), but nevertheless the place was great, with a queue of people waiting to get seats ! However, we got seated in less than some 20 minutes or so. I can also comment that the waiter service was non-intrusive and very good.

The other restaurant, Cafe de Thai, is a modern-looking Thai restaurant with a bar at the entrance and more business-like in service and ambience. The food was good, no doubt, but the authenticity of Thai food was missing. However, the service was decent and our group of people liked the place for the privacy it offered. It is a good place for a company get-together. The bar was outstanding with excellent wine selection.

Both are recommended ! They offer very different overall experiences.


Vijay Srinivasan
14th December 2012


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