Loss of Young Lives in Civilized World

The loss of very young lives in the Sandy Hook School killings is simply unconscionable.

There are many commentaries all over the web on the U.S. gun control policy and its stupidity, and the pathetic level of control that the gun control lobby has on both the major parties.

Let us be ignorant of all those aspects of U.S. politics and policy making for a moment.

Let us look at the issue on hand here from the eyes of the 21st Century’s civilized world. The first question which arises is “how come an 18th Century Constitutional provision of allowing citizens to bear arms, still valid today” – in simple terms, why are guns required to settle disputes or arguments today when the citizenry has access to civilized ways of settling matters and the reasons that demanded that guns be allowed in the 18th and 19th Centuries no longer are valid today. The answer should be clear to one and all – but not to the Americans and the parties which are involved in running the U.S. Government.

The second question which arises is as follows: how come the beacon of democracy (meaning the U.S.A.) allows unfettered freedom to its citizens to kill its own citizens, while at the same time having liberal jury-based justice system which has allowed even mass murderers to escape in the past from the clutches of real justice.

The third question is simply – what and where is the need for guns anyway – look at other developed Western countries which have implemented strict gun control policies and reaped the benefits, such as Australia, most of Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., Is there a reason to be proud of owning a gun for anyone in a civilized society, when young lives have been taken away so brutally by a murderer because of easy access to guns ?

The President and the Congress of the United States, in collaboration with the U.S. Supreme Court, have to take a final call. What was applicable couple of hundred years ago is no longer a valid rationale today. While the rest of the world is shocked, it is also laughing at the inability of the U.S. to fix such matters with rapid speed. Such killings happen with such routine regularity in the U.S., that it is easy to forget the impact on society. U.S. has never preached non-violence, but now it is in such a bad shape that it might require a Gandhian intervention.

Throw your guns away and talk ! That in no way takes away your individual independence or ability to protect yourself.


Vijay Srinivasan
18th December 2012


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