Vosges Chocolate Taste

My daughter bought for me a few bars of Vosges Haut-Chocolat which I have not heard about.

I thought she would get me some Belgian Chocolates or some unique varieties with 75% cocoa. But I got Vosges, and it was a bit of an experience – I mean, even just reading what was written on the chocolate wrappers……..

I first tried the “Red Fire Bar” which is 55% dark chocolate and very exotically described as “Mexican ancho y chipotle chillies Ceylon cinnamon”. Wow ! I am yet to see something like that on a chocolate !! This is really a chocolate embedded with some red chillies, which is very unique and might be an upsetting experience for some.

I liked the way in which Katrina (the founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolat) has described her life’s mission and the taste of her chocolates on the wrapper. This is probably the first time I read everything that was written on a chocolate wrapper, as the focus had always been to get to the chocolate – not read, but try to taste quickly. Can I be blamed ?

But then, Katrina has made an interesting chocolate story with the “Breathe”, “See”,”Smell”, “Snap”, “Taste” and “Sense” so eloquently described to incite the reader to finish reading quickly and pull out her chocolate ! She ends her story with this mention – “Peace, love and chocolate”, which is inspiring for chocoholics who also aspire for world peace.

I also tried the “Naga Bar” chocolate of Katrina, which is described as “sweet Indian curry coconut deep milk chocolate with 45% cocoa”. Not as good as the Fire Bar, but still different from the usual chocolate. I have one more of Katrina’s chocolates – the Habana Organic Milk chocolate with plantain chips ! Will try it soon, I guess……

I wish to complement Katrina on her inventions which I am sure will promote peace and love. Kudos Katrina !


Vijay Srinivasan
14th January 2013

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