Gymmatics Update

It has been a long while since I gave my previous update, so I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the meters in the gym !

Of course, I see them every morning, so nothing unusual, but there is sense in sharing. Unfortunately, the commitment to a specific activity like the gym has been missing out in many of my associates/friends. Many of them seem to be having commitment to partying or networking though.

I have consistently stated that it is critical to have at least two significant pursuits on a personal basis – in my own case I have gymming every morning, wine tasting and blogging every weekend. I might take up another new activity soon.

Coming back to my gym statistics, I still do a normal schedule of around 70 minutes in which the first 50 minutes is taken up by warming up and treadmill action followed by some cool off time, before I proceed to the weights. On the treadmill action of some 42 minutes, the first 20 minutes has been delivering a consistent set of figures – 2.18 KMs distance and 190 calories. The second 22 minutes has been delivering a consistent 2.16 KMs distance and 135 calories (there is gradual slowdown by 0.1 KMPH every minute from the 14th minute onwards in the second set of 22 minutes, so the figures drop).

If the consistency is missed then things don’t go well. It has to be the same set of numbers every day, unless there is a planned transition into something new. The result is that the weight stays almost consistent between 65 and 66 KGs for me. It is important to energize before the gym with a coffee some 30 minutes before the gym activity, or a banana some 20 minutes before.

Once this pattern is established, if you miss for a day on the gym, you would find that things are not that OK with your body rhythm. If you miss for 2 days, then it is terrible. One day miss might be OK as the body also needs some rest.

Well, that is the update from me……..try to track yours. May be some gizmos are not out of place.


Vijay Srinivasan
3rd February 2013


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