Many ways to Sell

A few years ago, I would have gone to a car dealer to sell off my car, or advertised in the classifieds columns of a newspaper. These days those columns have disappeared. And, there are many ways to sell one’s car these days.

The fact is that the mushrooming online portals have really made it simpler to target buyers with ad words and photos. With emails and text messages popping up from the various portals from interested buyers and dealers, it is just a question of sorting through and identifying the right kind of buyers.

I was clear I am not going to drive my car to any dealer’s place or anywhere else for that matter. Whoever wants to buy has to come to my place and view the car. It made my life easier, and I was not surprised to note that serious buyers within a 3 KMs radius were very willing to come by and take a look.

I showed the car to just two buyers and closed the deal with one. All the paper work was taken care of by the buyer in a professional manner and everything was completed within a few hours of the completion of money transfer.

I am concluding that things have gotten a bit easier in terms of finding someone to sell something to, be it a car or a refrigerator. There are many online portals (but only a few are really free and really good), so a research to find the suitable ones is surely required. Once done, the process can be repeated. In a massive country and city, there is no better way than going online to get almost everything done considering also the traffic situation on the roads !


Vijay Srinivasan
3rd February 2013


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