Buying Phones

Nowadays, phones mean only one thing – “cell phones”, right ?

My son wanted a new phone – his research and referrals from his classmates and playmates led him to conclude that a Blackberry Curve would be his preferred choice for a smartphone.

I was not for investing in a Blackberry, knowing the troubles that RIM (Research in Motion), the maker of BB (Blackberry) had been through in the past couple of years, and their recent launch of a new device with a new Operating System. I felt that their new products will take time to stabilize in the marketplace, and their earlier generation of rather good devices like the Curve and the Bolt will have to eventually have to have a significant drop in their pricing.

I found it difficult to convince my son on Android and the many choices available in the market today. For me, it was a natural choice, I am a user of a HTC Android Smartphone for the past 2.5 years and am committed to its ease of use and openness.

Apple iPhone was out of the question for my son as it is very highly priced in India, with iPhone 5 at USD 800 which I thought was an overkill for youngsters.

I wanted to purchase a nice and simple Android phone with the latest version of the operating system and some amazing features. I narrowed down to just two brands – SAMSUNG and MICROMAX. The reaction of my son was “what…….Why Micromax………if you want to buy an Android device, go for a Samsung”. That is the power of marketing !

However, when I decided on the specs for the Android Smartphone, and the approximate budget, it became clear that the current models of Samsung could not meet the same ! An unexpected conclusion, but nevertheless a justified one, as at the lower end of their smartphone range, Samsung has slower processors, smaller screen sizes and lower capacity of battery. I found that the newly successful Micromax (which is an Indian company) had better range of lower-end smartphones with much better features.

Using their website, I narrowed down my choice to just two models and then finally selected Micromax Ninja A89, which has an impressive feature set at a price of some USD 110 ! I did not inform my son that I am going to buy this phone, but went ahead, took a look and bought the same from the Mobile Store outlet in Hyper City.

It is a very good phone for the price, running Android 4.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) at a fast response – my son was surprised at its performance ! Once he saw and experienced its features, he was immediately attached to it !!

It will take some more time to experience the full functionality of this Ninja A89 phone, but from an early exposure, it appears to be an excellent choice. A good smartphone at a very good price-value-features point for anyone wishing to start off with a smartphone, or people who wish to migrate from the usual cell phones to an advanced Android phone.


Vijay Srinivasan
17th February 2013

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