India needs a Guantanamo ?

India probably is the most terrorist-prone nation in the world.

The terrorist bomb attack in the Southern city of Hyderabad couple of days ago is proof again that India has not learnt any real lessons from previous terror attacks. The frequency of terror attacks on Indian soil has been increasing, more so due to the breakdown of relations with Pakistan due to border troubles.

In any case, who wants a strong, positive relationship between India and Pakistan ?

Not the terror outfits, no surely they do not want good relations between the two countries.

Why ?

Then they lose the locus standi for waging a war against India. And, will gradually lose their basis of existence in the terror-infested, impoverished regions of Pakistan.

It is in their interest to see to it that good relations do not happen between the two countries.

However, the point of this blog post is not that. I think it is high time that India follows the principles used by Israel and the U.S. in tackling terror. Talks won’t help. The only thing that terrorists understand is terror – against them.

The Indian government has traditionally been viewed as “soft”, not only by terror outfits, but even by the domestic population. Additionally, there is serious lack of coordination between the intelligence agencies, leading to inaction even when strong evidence has been available, as in this case of the Hyderabad blasts.

I guess the TV Channels do a better job of connecting the dots than the government or the intelligence agencies.

It is high time pre-emptive actions are initiated against domestic terrorist organizations (which operate under the guidance of Pakistan-based terror outfits) to stop any more attacks on Indian soil. And that may not be possible unless a quarantine area is set up on the lines of Guantanamo Prison in Cuba where normal rules do not apply.

What is more important – protecting the lives of citizens or following due and ineffective process which leads to inordinate delays causing avoidable deaths of citizens ? Who is to be blamed ?

Time to take serious stock of the ground situation and formulate a new strategy which will hit the terrorists where it would pain them the most – if they are susceptible to pain at all.

People of India are unlikely to accept “business as usual” kind of treatment going forward.


Vijay Srinivasan
23rd Feb 2013


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