Indigo Restaurant

This was only my second time at the Indigo Restaurant in Colaba (right behind the Taj Mahal Hotel).

Indigo is a highly reputed food place with nice ambience and “woody” decor. My wife and me decided that it is worth the long drive to Colaba.

Overall, it was a good experience, though the place was not crowded being late lunch hour on a weekday. The service was slow, and we had to give it an occasional trigger to push things through. Surprising, as there were only three other tables that were occupied at 2 PM.

The prices at Indigo are on the higher side, on the average a dish would cost USD 15 to 20. Some dishes could cost as much as USD 25 to 35 ! But it is the preparation and the manner of serving which distinguish this restaurant. The food is very French (for me !) and eclectic.

There are not a million items like in some of the other places which tire you out by forcing to read long menus in dim light conditions – there are only a few items, so the choices become clear in a few minutes. We decided to try the Chicken Broth to start with, and it was amazing. We are wondering how to replicate it at home !

We then ordered the Boudin Blanc, Vegetable Couscous and Green Garlic Chicken. All these dishes were unique and very good. Though the portions were of medium sizes, we felt “full” after the lunch. I would state that the food was very good, though not extraordinary. Since it was lunch time, we could not opt for some good wine – may be we would try Indigo on another day for dinner !

Once in a while, an Indigo experience would introduce the diner to a new level of ambience and exposure to some of the exotic fusion food combinations that one can hope for in Mumbai. But it does pinch the pocket, and may not be offering what one can get for less than half the price in some of the other famous restaurants in Colaba or Cuffe Parade or Mint area of South Mumbai. However, that is not the point, it does make a difference to enjoy some kind of different food occasionally – doesn’t it ?


Vijay Srinivasan
25th Feb 2013


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