Sometimes, I used to feel very lonely.

Not because I was alone.

More because of the fact that the mind feels loneliness when thinking about certain things – developments which are not pleasant for example.

One should not ignore such feelings of loneliness and dismiss the same outright.

May be it is that my mind thinks about a certain development in not so positive a manner – it could even be thoughts about the environment in which we live, one’s health, the decrepit morality in society, the lack of governance by the government, et al.

May be the mind imagines that the ideal world is not going to happen – which incidentally is true, right ? One has to adjust and live by the rules and make do with what one does not like if one does not have the power to change the world, right ?

But, sometimes in the midst of all these thinking stuff, it is not unusual to feel lonely.

In such situations, one needs courage to face the loneliness. One needs tools to manage the situation without negative impact to oneself.

How can that be achieved ?

One good way that I have used over time is to indulge in some research and reading, followed by some serious writing (like this blog post !). Another way is to hit the gym and do some serious running or weightlifting, lifting the weight off one’s mind !

Concentrating on a new aspect of life is yet another way to engage the mind and get it out of its loneliness.

At the end of the day, loneliness is the antithesis of society living – one needs to connect with a host of friends and family and try to get the maximum out of one’s life while contributing to others’ lives.

Difficult to achieve, no doubt, but can surely be done if attempted in a positive and concerted manner.

There are ways to beat the loneliness, so don’t lose heart !


Vijay Srinivasan
2nd March 2013


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