Stonecross Sauvignon Blanc – Semillon

Another very good Sauvignon Blanc.

I know that most Indians prefer the sweetness of the Chenin Blanc and some prefer the complexity of the Chardonnay. Very few like the Sauvignon Blanc, because it is the most complex white wine, in my opinion.

I picked up this South African wine at around USD 12 (approximately INR 650), taking a slight risk as I was not aware of the Stonecross range of wines. The best I have ever tasted was the famous Two Oceans range of wines from South Africa, which you could easily find in many wine stores and the duty-free shops in the international airports.

I was not defeated in my judgement. This is a fairly good wine with a sophisticated finish which lingers for some time. It goes well with Indian food as well, I tried it with chappathis and dal makhni this evening and it was just fine !

I am not saying for a moment that it is the best Sauvignon Blanc that I have had, but it is a decent, young wine that should be given a try.

Compared to the Indian whites, the Stonecross stands tall. Only issue is its non-availability across the country. You need to search hard and deep to get one.

Well, I keep trying !


Vijay Srinivasan
24th March 2013


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