IIMPact Event

The just concluded IIM alumni event in Singapore (called “IIMPact”) was the most amazing such event I have attended in a long while.

Take a look at the event website at “IIMPact”

Look at the Program and the distinguished Speakers List.

What I like the most was the session on social entrepreneurs. It was outstanding and so much different from the usual corporate success stories. Also the session on the unconventional careers of IIM graduates – some of them have gone on to become authors, music composers, playback singers, et al.

World is changing – even the most storied B-schools of India – and how.

Of course, the event provided ample opportunities to network with IIM alumni from Singapore and some who had come over from India. The generational gap between the older graduates who are at the fag end of their careers and the new generation was starkly evident, though the bonhomie was mutual and common across the spectrum of the attendees.

It was a great event, well managed and well delivered. If we can deliver such a globalized event in Singapore, we can be sure that IIMs have arrived on the world scene with a big bang, though they are only Indian institutions with almost 100% Indian students unlike the U.S. B-Schools.

The world is our stage.


Vijay Srinivasan
7th April 2013


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