AA Experience

AA is “American Airlines”.

I thought AA would be a better bet than United Airlines, and decided to fly on AA from Tokyo to Dallas recently.

But they are all the same – hobbled by old aircraft and poor service. Not in line with the expectations of long-haul passengers, even in the economy class.

The plan was probably 10 years old, the in-flight entertainment system was not working properly and was old-fashioned (with shows starting in the next 20 minutes kind of messages), the service was terrible.

I don’t think that the airlines from the U.S. have learnt anything from the world-class service standards set by Emirates or Singapore Airlines. And they are not that much cheaper (they are surely not “low cost” carriers).

Why is this situation persisting ?

Even on the ground, the coordination with passengers was a mess. You don’t see those clean lines of passengers that you encounter at Singapore Changi Airport, irrespective of the specific airline you are flying. There was utter confusion and crowding at the AA Gate in Narita, and I almost thought that the flight was going to be delayed.

The funny thing which happened on board was that my dinner plate was grabbed back even though I was still finishing up and was I shocked ? Yes, I was and quite bemused. That was a terrible thing to do by uncaring air stewardesses. If the airline was going to charge even for drinks and for “special” aisle seats, the least that they could do was to treat every passenger as a special guest who had chosen to fly with them despite all the deficiencies, right ?

No, wrong. They just don’t seem to be getting it.

I decided that in future, I would rather take a slightly longish route rather than fly AA kind of airline. There is nothing special about AA, and even the normal standard one would expect as a long-haul passenger was not being met. Then why AA ?

It has been a while since I flew an American airline, and it is now going to be a long while before I will fly again on such an airline !


Vijay Srinivasan
13th April 2013


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