Increasing Selfishness

All of us always knew that the world is full of self-centred folks, the saving grace being those few guys and gals who do keep the interests of others around them (even remotely) in their minds and hearts.

But those few folks are in serious minority.

The materialistic world (which has always been predominant) is virtually taking the humankind by storm. If someone is not interested in material things and money, then something must be weird about him. Where is the money ? – seems to be the mantra everywhere.

In pursuit of material happiness, and the rapidity with which people are going after it, many important and critical things that are essential for happiness get lost out.

One such thing is our innate ability to remember people who helped us in the past; help them if they need any help now; look for poor folks who are suffering and see if there is a chance to provide volunteer help; donate atleast a small amount of money every year to a charity of your choice; and many other such things.

Further, when we move around in this ordinary life, it is important to recognize how lucky most of us are – if we have a roof over our heads and food to eat.

It is also critically important to transport our sense of involvement with others to total strangers we meet on the road and trains and airports. Mostly, we don’t even smile at such strangers, nor do we show any courtesies. We are selfish and it shows in the way we behave in public places. Most people ignore the presence of others and think that the road or the passageway belongs entirely to them!

Well, at the end of the day, we are remembered for the help and assistance we provided to people who are in need of the same – it could even be folks in our office who need some guidance in their work or lives.

Think about it! Enough of MBA Stuff!!


Vijay Srinivasan
28th April 2013


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