You guessed it!

Yes, Tahuna is a wine from New Zealand from Marlborough region (which I had visited in 2004 and am longing to revisit).

I had the chance to enjoy a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Tahuna. In Singapore, it costed SGD 19.95, which translates to some USD 16 and INR 900. I don’t know the price in NZ, may be somewhat cheaper, but this is a great wine.

The fact is, I am looking for it specifically now! It has always been difficult to get Marlborough wines, I don’t know why. Even in Singapore. Forget getting these wines in India. Very scarce.

What I really liked about the Tahuna wine was its pleasant taste and very good finish, a kind of lingering taste which I relished. Few wines can achieve that kind of finish. I had this wine by itself (as an aperitif) and did not bother to match with any food.

I am recommending this wine with a 4 Star rating (very difficult to get in my evaluation) – I have to check Robert Parker’s rating score for this wine!

Lovely wine with ripe flavours of tropical fruits, which you would enjoy – I might have to travel to get this wine!


Vijay Srinivasan
11th May 2013


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