A mathematical proof that every one of us is interesting

Courtesy: Nagesh, my IIM-B Classmate

Collect all the uninteresting people in a group (set, if you remembered and still care about). In this group, there is one person who is most uninteresting. This most uninteresting person with this special feature itself has got to be interesting. Therefore, you have to take him out of the group.

Now, the next most uninteresting person becomes interesting and he also comes out of the group. You repeat the above process, until the group has finally one uninteresting person. This one person left is unique uninteresting person and that must actually be very interesting. Therefore, he also goes out leaving the group empty (null set if you still remembered). Therefore, no one is an uninteresting person.

If you still think someone is not interesting then you must be very poor in maths as you did not understand the great proof (Based on an idea from Martin Gardner, Mathematician on Numbers).

Courtesy: Nagesh, my IIM-B Classmate


Vijay Srinivasan
18th May 2013


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