The Story of Bottled Water – Shocking!

Courtesy: Ashraf, my Madurai Schoolmate

I just saw this video on the story of bottled water. It was shocking.

How could even the most educated people in the world be taken for a ride like this by profiteers, whose singular objective is to make more and more money, damn peoples’ health.

Please see for yourself –


This is also available at Facebook –



However, I don’t think tap water is safe everywhere in the world. I would always ensure that the tap water passes through a water purifier and is adequately boiled before consumption.

We all know the issues of plastic usage – never pour hot boiled water into plastic bottles. Cool the water first to almost room temperature before pouring out into plastic bottles.

Now I am going to feel reluctant to order that bottled water when I go to a restaurant or even from a grocery store/convenience store.


Vijay Srinivasan
19th May 2013


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