Walk for Food

Today I decided it is better to take a long walk before I get to eat food !

One way of working out, right ?

Not that I did not work out today, I went for my usual early morning treadmill walk.

However, I thought it would be better to again take a natural walk and went looking for food.

It was a good long walk, to and fro. I did not feel tired at all. It was good to see many people walking around, and heavy crowds in the shopping area and food courts.

I realized one thing – sometimes it is better to walk around in the natural manner, though in a brisk way, rather than keep running/walking on the treadmill every day. I do not know what exactly is the difference, but I felt good taking a walk on the pavement.

I was surprised that food still remains quite affordable in Singapore, though all other prices seem to have gone up significantly. If one wishes, it is still possible to get decent food for around SGD 5 (INR 220), which is pretty good. Of course, a coffee can cost as much in a Starbucks or Gloria Jeans. Such prices are not out of the world in India as well.

Well, the key point here is that taking a long walk (say, at least 2 KMs) for getting food is a good exercise (even in hot weather). And then, walking back after lunch is even better for digestion.

Good stuff !


Vijay Srinivasan
26th May 2013


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