Nederburg Chardonnay – The Winemaster’s Reserve

Crisp Chardonnay – one of the best !

I really liked this wine from South Africa. I have seen Nederburg on and off on wine store shelves, but made a call finally to pick up a bottle at SGD 19.90 which was a discounted price from its original 24.90 which itself was again discounted from 29.90 !

I thought this is a good wine, let us give it a try – and was not disappointed.

Though it is not as fruity as I had expected, I could discover the citrus fruit (though not the apricot) as mentioned on the bottle. It is sophisticated on the palate and has an excellent finish. It is surely “full-bodied and deliciously mouth-filling” – that’s for sure !

Such wines are rare, and this is the first time I tried one from South Africa, my previous bests have been from New Zealand, Chile and Australia. I have written about several Chardonnays in my blog as my readers are well aware. This Nederburg one is a new addition, and now I will look for other variations of Nederburg wines. Is it not correct to assume that one wine can influence one’s thinking about the vineyard itself ? It does, and I have always gone on to research on the vineyard, its story, its world-wide presence and impact, and its success stories in terms of awards, et al.

While I am going to try out Nederburg red wines, for the moment I am enjoying their Chardonnay. It is indeed a very good Chardonnay, highly recommended for a Sunday evening with some good fish !


Vijay Srinivasan
23rd June 2013


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