VivoCity in Singapore is a huge destination.

Nothing like it existed in Singapore a few years ago.

Now, it is a large mall, an MRT Station, an origin station for the Sentosa Express train, and a large promenade along the waterline facing the Sentosa Island.

The only issue is that it is too crowded.

My guess is that not less than 10,000 people can be found on any weekend day at VivoCity. This includes local residents, and of course the tourists headed for Sentosa Island. Even the Cable Car Station can be accessed from VivoCity, making it quite easy for anyone to take the cable car, or the train, or just walk over to the island.

Shopping is huge in VivoCity. Since the prices seem to be more affordable and the shops are mid-level labels, there are huge crowds thronging the well-established ones offering the traditional Great Singapore Sale Discounts, going on currently. Some prices look really good, as I discovered today.

For meals, VivoCity is as good as any large mall. There is a large food court, but the eye-catching ones are lined up against the waterline, facing the Sentosa Island. These higher-end establishments are of course, higher priced, with average dish prices in excess of SGD 15 to 25. But then, you have to pay for the ambience and the view.

I still could not figure out how to visit VivoCity when the crowds are not so overwhelming. Not possible for me to go on a weekday. So, have to make do with the weekends.

Ultimately, one gets bored, as it appears that the only two things people do well and all the time are to shop and to dine. All the time !

Well, that is the incorrigible new habit of the 21st Century. Welcome to All-Day (and some time, all-night as well) Shopping. Enjoy all that you can !


Vijay Srinivasan
30th June 2013


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