Copper Ridge Chardonnay

This is a totally new discovery !

Never heard of it before, never seen it on the wine store shelves.

Saw it today at the Giants Supermarket, and picked up – hoping it would be a decent chardonnay for a Saturday evening.

I got a discounted price of SGD 14.95, and in the U.S. the price for this wine could go down as low as USD 5.49 ! But imported wines anywhere are going to be expensive, so if you typically multiply the U.S. prices by a factor of 2.5, you should be OK.

Well, this wine turned out to be crisp and refreshing. It is a medium-bodied chardonnay, very good with pasta and fish. I could distinctly get peach and citrus fruit flavours. Nice wine with a rather long finish, which is sort of unusual. I liked it though, as I got a buttery sensation which was very good.

So, the wine list is expanding. Of course, there are many wines in this price range which are pretty decent, but then you wish to control the itch to buy a lot of wine. Just pick up one for the weekend, and try it out. If it is good, then write a blog post. If it is not good, sometimes be quiet and ignore the wrong decision. However, sometimes I have written against specific wines which are awful.

Have a wonderful weekend !


Vijay Srinivasan
6th July 2013


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