The U.S. President’s Latest Address

This morning, I listened to President Obama talk about race relations in the American society, in the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict.

It is a delicate task for the first African American President to talk about race in the context of a murder case which involved an African American teenager.

President Obama did a great job in addressing the delicate matter, well rather delicately, and in the smoothest manner possible. You can hear his address in multiple websites, and I would strongly encourage everyone living in a multi-racial society to do so.

Of course, the jury has spoken and nothing can be done about it as the President put it – “that’s the way our system works”.

But he made several good suggestions that can be implemented by various organs of the American society in every city and town. More training is required for the police officers, for example. A relook at the gun law, which allows to bear arms and then use it in self-defense, might be needed. More interlock is required between the various races and more discussions are needed.

I was impressed at the dignified manner in which he addressed the press corps and the nation. I am sure it was very well received.

I may not agree with his policies or his deviation from “commitments” that he had made before being elected President. But that does not mean that I would not recognize a solid performance when I see it.

The President delivered a solid performance on this matter.

Hope his suggestions are heard, discussed and implemented for the betterment of the American society.


Vijay Srinivasan
20th July 2013


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