Judd and Two Movies

Rarely ever I have had the opportunity to see two movies over a weekend at home.

On long flights, I have seen multiple movies sometimes. On some airlines, you get big screens and a great choice of new movies, and that combination becomes irresistible.

But at home ?

No, I haven’t seen even a full movie (except on rare occasions such as “Gandhi” or “Lagaan”) at home. It sometimes gets too boring to be sitting at the same place for a long time, especially at home. Then you tend to snack or drink, adding unnecessarily to the waistline, which is simply avoidable.

However, during the current weekend, I happened to see “Double Jeopardy” featuring Ashley Judd (one of my favourite actresses), and though that movie is old and has not obtained great reviews, I liked it.

Why ?

I thought Ashley gave a very good performance, especially during her court trial and as a convicted prisoner. The movie kind of peters off later on, but Ashley’s impact still remains with you.

That was yesterday.

And today, I happened to notice that Ashley Judd acted in another movie called “Kiss the Girls”, while browsing around, so I decided to see it. It is a thriller, and I was not disappointed. However, I saw that the reviews were not that positive even on this movie. Again, I saw that Ashley delivered a good performance. In this movie, Morgan Freeman has delivered an outstanding performance. Combining the impact of these two excellent actors leads one to believe that the movie reviews are a tad uncharitable.

I would give a 3-star to both movies. One good indication that these two movies were absorbing was reflected in the fact that I did not fast forward the VOD (Video-On-Demand) service, and continued seeing the movies.

Good movies for a weekend watching, but I am unlikely to repeat such an experience of viewing two movies over two days of the weekend !

Enjoy the rest of your respective weekends !!


Vijay Srinivasan
21st July 2013


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