Kumala – Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz

Yes, that is the name of the new wine I located at a Fairprice Supermarket recently.

I did not know about the Kumala Wines from South Africa. I would have normally selected a Chilean or Australian red wine, but I was intrigued about Kumala, which led me to revisit the wine shelves for the second time (after a few minutes) and change my mind about the red I had selected.

For one, Kumala sounded very much like Kamala, a popular South Indian name, so I had an instant connect. Secondly, the combination of Cabernet and Shiraz is something that I had wanted to try out. In the past I have tried Cabernet Merlot, but my favourite has always been a good Shiraz. I thought merging the Cabernet with the Shiraz should indeed produce some interesting type of wine with some unique bouquet.

I was not disappointed. The Kumala Western Cape Cabernet Sauvignon*Shiraz 2011 vintage is a good wine which will be of interest to any serious wine lover. This wine is not for the casual wine drinker.

Sounds interesting ?

Indeed, it is.

This wine is sourced from the vineyards surrounding the Table Mountains in South Africa. The soil must be rich and the climate should be benign for grape growing – this is my assumption. I don’t know why I did not come across many South African wines, except for Two Oceans, which is available everywhere it seems.

Following are the characteristics of the Kumala wine that I tried – it has a fabulous dense ruby colour, which hardly allowed light to pass through. That kind of impressed me. It is a full-bodied and rich wine, with spicy characteristics. There is some earthiness about this wine which I could sense on the palate. Some complex fruit flavours which I could not actually discern, though I continued trying.

Very good. I would give a rating of 7.8 out of 10 for this wine.

Since this wine turned out to be good, I am planning to include Kumala wines into my wine selection list, subject of course to availability. I think Kumala can give a run for other complex blended wines from down under.

Try it ! It appears to be a good choice for a complex life !!


Vijay Srinivasan
21st July 2013


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