What is your Philosophy in Life ?

I had lunch with my long-term mentor yesterday.

Apart from mutual catching up, he asked me a question which set me into some deep thinking.

He asked “what is your philosophy in life?”.

I should say I was a bit stumped at first, even though I had thought about this topic in the past and written about the same in this blog itself.

However, I managed to tell him that I wish to help poor people and children in some way – via volunteering to assist people who have challenges in life like depression and poverty, and poor children who need to be taught maths and science. Plus, I am a bit low on spirituality and godliness.

He listened to me and explained his philosophy on believing that there is a supreme being somewhere which controls the universe and this world, based on what quantum physicists themselves explain. He stated that these physics folks actually believe that there is some super being which ordains this world and all of us, because they have “felt” it while researching physical phenomena – like photons and neutrons and particles which purportedly travel even faster than light.

I thought that there is some learning in that proposition – we are talking about hard core scientists, not just the average joe on the street, not even the average professor who talks about atheism. These are folks who have investigated particle physics, and the black hole, and various other such phenomena and have actually gone on to prove theories.

So there must be something out here……….

Well, I don’t know really – it is rather mystical to me, as I am yet to feel the vastness of space that the astronomers see or astronauts experience personally. May be that would have a big impact to change my views, I guess.

Physics is a subject that I like and I had always wanted to pursue advanced degree in Physics when I was young. But I could not. This is fascinating.

Time to think of the supreme being.


Vijay Srinivasan
28th July 2013


2 thoughts on “What is your Philosophy in Life ?

  1. DD

    Was thinking about you last weekend – and how you’ve been quiet of late. So I thought to come here to catch up with your life.

    Anyhow, I lost your number with a recent phone crash (about 3 months) ago so drop me a whatsapp and we can talk about supreme dieties, politics and religion, cheap and good wine pairing with diabetic cookies.

    (I don’t watch movies).


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