Speechless Review

When I browsed through the movies available on “HBO On Demand”, I was fascinated by the short synopsis of Speechless, a 1994 movie about two speech writers for opposing candidates in a senatorial election in New Mexico, who were romantically involved before they find out about their profession.

It was fascinating enough for me to spend 109 minutes of my Saturday watching this fun flick of a movie. It is not an outstanding or great movie with Oscars or awards to write home about – it is a simplistic movie about the attraction and tensions between two charming and intelligent people who do similar work but in opposing camps.

The chemistry between Michael Keaton and Geena Davis is unmistakable and really a pleasure to watch. It was amazing to note that both of them were insomniacs, as they try to plot their next work day in the midst of chaos.

The critical movie reviews on Speechless are not great. However, I felt that it was enjoyable, though I felt that the Director was dragging a bit and wandering aimlessly sometimes through the movie. I could not resist comparison with Bollywood movies, some of which have no meaning whatsoever, but are enjoyable nevertheless to watch and kill time, forgetting one’s own worries of the day. Aren’t movies made for this purpose primarily ?

Well, I don’t know, but there are several friends of mine who would only like artistic movies or ones that have impacted them in more ways than one. Speechless is not such a movie – it does not impact you in any way. You go through it, you enjoy it, and then you forget about it. As simple as that !

Well, there are many ways to kill part of your Saturdays, and this might be one good way.


Vijay Srinivasan
3rd August 2013


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