Delink Politics from Religion

Politics is an irreligious affair by its very nature.

Why then politicians and governments – some of them – pledge their loyalty to certain specific religions and religious beliefs, not withstanding the fact that their populations are rarely homogeneous in terms of religious belief ? Where is the need to induct religion and attempt to purify what is essentially impure in nature and character (with very few real exceptions around the world) ?

The United Nations should pass a general resolution delinking religion from politics and government all over the world across all nations. Religions have their own minds and their own way of determining things which impact the believers and by extension all the non-believers as well, due to the fact that any law or statute passed would have an impact from a specific religion, or would have taken into consideration religious views and opinions of key religious figures.

However, these are to be avoided at all costs.

The need felt by law makers to pander to every request and demand of religions when making decision involving an entire country can simply be avoided by taking the oath not in the name of anyone’s own religion, but in the name of the constitution and the country. By allowing each law maker to take the pledge in the name of one’s own religion or God makes matters worse.

Governance and Government cannot depend on God or religion. It has to be run in a manner which reflects a professional management approach irrespective of one’s own beliefs in any manner. If decision-making which affects millions of citizens is held hostage to certain set of beliefs, or preconceived notions, then we are sacrificing the basic essence of proper governance.

All this means that religion has to be divorced from running of a country or government. That would benefit both the religion and the government.

Unfortunately, even the biggest countries of the world subscribe to religions in a formal sense. This may be due to the fact that the forefathers of the nation might have enshrined the God-focus in the respective Constitutions drafted a few hundred years ago or several decades ago. Such linkages should be abolished forthwith by the mandate of the United Nations (hope the U.N. stands up for such notions occasionally, it actually does not seem to be doing anything around the world for all the monies being spent on them).

I believe that religions cause divisions amongst peoples of this world and peoples of nations. We want unity amongst peoples, and United Nations should be pushing for unity, right ? It does not, and the key nations do not. They would easily claim that they do not wish to interfere in religious matters, what a joke ?

Think about it.


Vijay Srinivasan
10th August 2013


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