I thought that this will be a good place to share some good experiences on diet biscuits.

I had been searching for sugar-free biscuits and cookies for a while. While I found sugar-free chocolates, it has been sometime since I last found a decent sugar-free biscuit.

Recently, I chanced upon the Voortman Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies from Canada from Voortman Cookies Ltd., who manufacture the cookies in Canada. I did not want to have Aspartame as the sweetener in the cookies, since it has been known to cause cancer according to some research studies which I am not quoting here (Aspartame is present in Equal sugar, which is widely used). I have been trying to avoid Aspartame and shift to Splenda as an alternative sweetener with hopefully no side effects.

So when I found that the Voortman cookies do not use the Aspartame but use Maltitol which is a sugar alcohol used as a sugar substitute, I did my research. Maltitol is generally considered safe, though in quantities more than 100 grams it might cause a laxative effect. The good point is that it is even more slowly absorbed than sucrose (another sugar substitute) which makes it more suitable for diabetics. Further it has only half as much calories as does normal sugar.

The decision to buy the Voortman cookies was made easier by the research. There are always pros and cons, however I made a judgement call here finally. I wanted to eat some cookies occasionally – like one every couple of days (!) and so, I wanted to get some worthwhile cookies which I can keep in the fridge (!!).

The Voortman Chocolate Chip Fudge Cookies did not disappoint – these were almost as sweet as real sugar based cookies, and I was even a bit worried that it might actually be sugar ! Hopefully not !!

As per the wrapper on the Voortman cookies, the total fat content is some 7% and one cookie of 20 grams provides 90 calories of which the calories from just fat is 50. The saturated fat content is 6% which I thought is reasonable (how do I know ?!!!). Cholesterol is 0%, Sugars is 0 grams, and sugar alcohol is 4 grams. Sodium is 2% and total carbs is 4% – looks like all of these are from dietary fiber and sugar alcohol.

In any case, I think the Voortman cookies are worth a try – I just picked up one, and am sure will go back for more – may be the almond cookies this time !


Vijay Srinivasan
10th August 2013


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