Red Eye

Engrossing movie !

I don’t know how I keep missing such good ones, but I do not regret as I get to enjoy such movies when I really can.

“Red Eye” is a thrilling hostage kind of movie, with a hotel manager being held to ransom, of all places, on board a commercial flight. Initially, I thought that the plane was going to be hijacked. Then I realized that the movie has taken on a very intense two-person hostage situation, with one holding the other to ransom with a demand for certain execution which could be carried out over the aircraft satellite phone.

Almost 75% of the movie happens in that flight from Dallas to Miami, and it is gripping. Excellent direction from Wes Craven, and very good acting by Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy.

There is something vulnerable about Rachel and something sinister about Cillian. From the very first shot of Cillian standing in the queue for checking in at the flight counter, one can see that there is some kind of chillness about him expressed through his eyes. It is that of a killer, not that of a lover.

I am not sure that the director did the right thing on mounting some regular hollywood stunt fights, complete with a chase through the airport, car crashing into the villain, and an eerie chase across various rooms of Rachel’s house. It is kind of disjointed, but nevertheless does not take away from the intensity built during the flight.

Overall, I enjoyed watching “Red Eye” without so much as batting my eyelids ! It is a very good movie for a Saturday afternoon, worth every minute. While the ending could have been made differently, that decision is for the director to make. Apparently, he wanted to mix some sense of non-realism into what was otherwise a believable movie acted out by two very good actors who did not think they were typecast into something like a thriller. They simply did their job like ordinary folks who would have performed more or less in a similar manner, given the circumstances.

Enjoy this movie !


Vijay Srinivasan
17th August 2013


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