Frunatic Fast Fruit

Amazing restaurant design and excellent food with visual and healthy appeal.

I initially thought that Frunatic is not my kind of food – everything they offered was based on fruits or veggies (while I like these, I thought that the lunch should be more “meaty” – at least slightly heavy).

I had my doubts, but my daughter persuaded so we both tried out the Frunatic offerings.

It was lunch time on Sunday !

We ordered Olive Zucchini Lasagna, Meatballs Spaghetti and Ika Berry Fruit set. All vegetarian and all based on veggies and fruits.

Amazing !

While the quantity was found to be wanting (!), the fresh quality needs to be appreciated.

Fresh ingredients – fresh fruits and veggies – provided zest to the preparations, which were aesthetically appealing.

Both of us really liked the food. My daughter asked me – hey, is this enough – and I said, probably not ! I will probably feel hungry in a couple of hours !!

However, this is new kind of food which needs to be tried out.

I don’t think that this new kind of food will be accepted by one and all, but I surely think that this healthy stuff is good once in a while (!), at least as a snack.

And Frunatic can improve their meal offerings by enhancing the quantity by at least a third, so that the customer feels satiated, and adding few things on the side.

Frunatic food needs to be commended for its new approach, fresh ingredients, healthy view of food, and excellent restaurant service (though it was “self-service”).

Highly recommended.


Vijay Srinivasan
18th August 2013


One thought on “Frunatic Fast Fruit

  1. Food gourmet

    Beg to differ, try living cafe and you will discover who’s heaven and who’s hell. Sad to say, chef of Frunatic can’t cook, develop, innovate….replace him before its too late.

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