China Moon

“China Moon” is a 1994 crime thriller, which I enjoyed watching today.

Madeleine Stowe and Ed Harris have delivered a very good performance in this movie. Madeleine Stowe was more believable and combines vulnerability with a craftiness which kind of positions her well for this thriller. While I continuously kept guessing on the plot of the movie, and could see where it was ultimately going, I did not guess one critical thing till late in the movie – and that was, Madeleine Stowe was working on two police detectives at the same time. One was Ed Harris (who falls in love with her), and the other was Benicio del Toro. I never thought that Benicio was involved with Madeleine [I am using actual names in this post instead of the movie names], and was another very intelligent policeman who could piece things together and identify what indeed happened on that fateful night when Madeleine murdered her husband [played by Charles Dance].

Then when I saw that he was paying off Charles Dance’s secret lover, I realized that Benicio was involved in this whole scheme of cooking up things to get the fortune of Charles Dance.

A good plot, and a good director, can make a good movie (in most instances). China Moon is one such movie, and kept me engrossed for a couple of hours…….though, I liked the suspense when I had to pause the video and go for making a cup of tea. The suspense builds up and one starts thinking of how the movie could turn out – not that we are all directors, but it is only but natural.

I would recommend this movie, my rating is 7/10, though rotten tomatoes gave only a 2-star rating for this movie.

It is a good movie worth watching !


Vijay Srinivasan
25th August 2013


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