Sapporo – the best there is………

After a very long time, I decided to buy some beer from a supermarket. As people who know me already know, I am a wine taster and aficianado of good wines. I don’t think I have written about beer.

Amongst all beers, I like Kilkenny the most because of its froth and refreshing taste. So I go for it when I have friends who are not wine drinkers, as I do not fancy hard liquor.

When I was browsing around in a large supermarket recently, I chanced upon some non-traditional beers. One of that was Kirin Beer, the other was Sapporo. I have heard about Sapporo for sure, but since you don’t get that easily in a regular bar, I haven’t had a chance to really taste it. I know it is going to be good, given its reputation and the Japanese preference for smooth beer.

Smooth it was – an amazing beer with no after taste bitterness of any sort, and a mellifluous flow of a smooth and shiny beer was very refreshing and very tasty. Even the silver-coloured Sapporo beer can stood out amongst all other cans, with its sturdiness, nice ribbed design, and a shape which lends itself to an easy grip of the can.

As Sapporo calls it – the Sapporo beer is “……..masterpiece of the brewer’s art”. It indeed is an excellent beer, and in my mind I am not able to compare it with any other beer I have had. May be the Nordic beers or the German beers could come close to its quality and taste.

I liked it so much, I decided to stock a few in my fridge all the time. That is a real tribute coming from a wine drinker, isn’t it ?!!!

Enjoy Sapporo and you would not regret it – well, have no doubt, I am not a spokesperson for Sapporo neither do I work for their advertising agency (in fact, I have not seen a Japanese beer ad in a long time).

Drink responsibly, and avoid hard liquor as much as possible.


Vijay Srinivasan
25th August 2013


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