Waste of Precious Time

The high-level talks in New York today between the prime ministers of India and Pakistan are unlikely to produce any real breakthrough, except shenanigans in front of the world media which does not believe what they are going to say anyway.

Instead of focusing on urgent and pressing domestic matters, the two countries are wasting time talking to each other.

Is it going to be of any use ?

None at all.

In fact the Pakistani army has already attempted to derail the impending talks by enabling militants to attack and kill many Indian soldiers last week. Has anything changed in Pakistan – nothing at all. The powerful army still controls everything, and the prime minister is just a dud when it comes to matters pertaining to India or Afghanistan.

So, the prime minister of India is going to waste time today talking to a prime minister who does not control what Dr Singh called as “epicentre of terrorism”. What is the big point here, except that Dr Singh is making all attempts to leave a positive legacy on Pakistan when he leaves office next year.

And, why is Pakistan wasting time ? They are talking to a prime minister widely perceived to be ineffective, and under constraint to take approval on all policy matters from his powerful party boss. Most importantly, Dr Singh is unlikely to be the prime minister after the next parliamentary elections – I don’t think he would want to be, even if the Congress Party could manage to form a coalition government with other corrupt parties.

So, it is just laughable that these two ineffective prime ministers with no real power to negotiate anything substantive are wasting time and taxpayer monies to meet on the sidelines of the U.N. Summit in New York today. It is to be noted that during their respective speeches yesterday, they accused each other !

How will they ever reach any positive conclusions ?

The Jammu and Kashmir problem is not going to be resolved in this manner. India has to be more rigorous in eliminating terrorist infiltration ruthlessly, with no fear or favour. It needs to bring the State under central government rule – the current State government is rather ineffective. It needs to communicate more vigorously to the local population that it is investing heavily in the infrastructure of the State, but they need to be more supportive of India and should not support the terrorists who will only bring more pain and death.

Is India having a game plan to tackle the problems in J & K ? Surely does not appear to be………any surprises ? None whatsoever. We have a feeble government in India and Pakistan knows it.

No point in negotiating with sponsors of terrorism.


Vijay Srinivasan
29th Sep 2013


2 thoughts on “Waste of Precious Time

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