Man on a Ledge

Hollywood continues to excel in making movies which are edge-of-the-seat thrillers, may not be with great content or acting, but still worth seeing, at least once.

The adrenaline-driving action sequences of most Hollywood thrillers are examples of wonderful direction and editing. And, I have always enjoyed seeing a good flick when it passes my gaze !

“Man on a Ledge” is one such good thriller. It engaged me well and I refused to move away from the TV, which is kind of unusual. The movie was moving so fast, and so thrillingly, that I did not want to miss one action.

Some good acting was there in this movie – Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks are very good actors, though the others’ performances were run-of-the-mill and easily forgettable.

“Man on a Ledge” is again a testament to the creativity of Hollywood directors – in this case, that of Asger Leth. Very good direction overall, and very creative. Since we have all seen thrillers and hectic action sequences in most movies, the directors have to try harder. And, Asger seems to have tried very hard to make a difference and an impact on the audience.

I was expecting a dramatic climax and it happened when Sam jumps off the hotel building and runs after Ed Harris.

I liked the movie and could not understand the very low scores on Rotten Tomatoes and some of the other websites. Worth seeing.

At least once !


Vijay Srinivasan
27th Oct 2013


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