The Vina Maipo Chilean winery is nearly 65 years old and I did not know about their wines till very recently.

I bought two of their wines – the Syrah Valle Central (Shiraz) 2012 and the Sauvignon Blanc Valle Central, both belonging to their “Varietal Selection”. These two wines were really very good wines and my wife and I enjoyed the same.

The Syrah has a bright ruby-red colour and is a full-bodied Shiraz with aromas of blackberries, chocolate and vanilla – as per what the bottle stated, but I could only discern the vanilla. It is surely a wine worth trying, it has an excellent long-lasting finish, and my wife said she was impressed with its aroma and colour! Coming from her, it is a real honour, I would say!!

The Sauvignon Blanc is a good choice as an aperitif for the evening. It is yellowish green so a bit off-putting, but is a decent Sauvignon Blanc, which is refreshing wine with citric notes. I enjoyed this wine without any accompanying dish – it is good all by itself!

Both wines were good and came at such a decent price that I was motivated to buy more of the Vina Maipo wines recently. More about those selection soon.

In the meanwhile, look for these wines in NTUC Fairprice shops.


Vijay Srinivasan
3rd November 2013


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